Baby Names starting with J

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The most popular names starting with J in the U.S. are currently Josephine, Jade, Julia, Josie, Juniper, James, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, and John.

Some recent celebrity baby names starting with J include:
Jackie Grace Wayne, daughter of Jen Lilley and Jason Wayne
James Eugene Outerbridge, son of Sarah Levy and Graham Outerbridge
Jackson Evans, son of Misty Copeland and Olu Evans
Jones Douglas Novlan, son of Kayla Ewell and Tanner Novlan
Jack Copper Facinelli, son of Peter Facinelli and Lily Harrison
June van Leeuwen, daughter of Romee Strijd and Laurens van Leeuwen
Josiah Luke Roloff, son of Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff
Josephine Frances Goldman, daughter of Duff Goldman and Johanna Goldman
Jupiter Iris French, daughter of Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French
Jason King Drulo, son of Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes