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Names from the popular British TV show, Doctor Who by TARDISjedigirl


Amelia Pond was a seven year old girl who met the Doctor when the TARDIS crashed in her back yard. He did not return for her for twelve years


Rose Tyler was the Doctor's first companion in the new series. She knew the ninth and tenth Doctors. She was trapped in a parallel universe for two years.


Rose's mother, who never really liked the Doctor...


Rory Williams was Amy's friend and fiance up until "The Big Bang," when he and Amy finally got married


Rose's father, who was dead in our universe, but alive in the parallel one...


River Song is mysteriously a part of the Doctor's future--but no one knows how


Sally Sparrow helped get the TARDIS to the right time and place when the Doctor and Martha were stranded in 1969


Donna Noble met the Doctor on her wedding day and turned down his invitation to travel with him. A year later she found him again and saved the universe from the Daleks


Martha Jones was a medical student who began her travels with the Doctor when she noticed he had two hearts. She now works for UNIT


Sally's friend was one of the first to disappear at the hands of the weeping angels


A young girl frozen in ice, who's last act was to help the Doctor land a ship safely, saving Amy, Rory, and thousands of other passengers


Captain Adelaide Brook was the Captain of the first colony on Mars. She had met the Daleks when she was little, and always dreamed of space travel


Donna's traitorous fiance

Sarah Jane

Sarah-Jane Smith was a previous companion of the third and fourth Doctors, who reunited with the Doctor during the events of "School Reunion"


Luke Smith was an alien experiment before he came to live with Sarah-Jane. A fourteen year old genius, Luke felt very out of place before he met his friends Clyde and Maria


Captain Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent, now heads the mysterious group, Torchwood.


The Doctor and Rose encountered a mysterious "seer," Gwyneth, in the time of Charles Dickens. Somehow, aliens could talk through her


Gwyneth's great-great-granddaughter, Gwen Cooper works for Torchwood in Cardiff


A waitress who longed to see other worlds. The Doctor promised she could travel with him before her untimely death


A thief/lady who liked the Doctor. He refused to let her travel with him, telling her that he'd already lost friends and he didn't want to lose anyone else


Dubbing herself "The Last of the Humans," Cassandra tried to make herself live forever--but did not succeed.


Mickey Smith in the parallel universe


Mickey Smith was Rose's boyfriend before she met the Doctor


The name the Doctor usually went by when pretending to be human


A human from 1913 who the Doctor fell in love with


Joan's great-granddaughter, Verity wrote and published the "Journal of Impossible Things," after finding the Doctor's old "journal" in her great-grandmother's attic.


A Karrionite daughter


The Doctor's daughter, named Jenny because she was a "Genetic Anomaly." Thinking his daughter was dead, the Doctor left Nessaline, Jenny's homeworld. Jenny regenerated (not changer her form, as Time-Lords do) minutes after the Doctor, Donna, and Martha's departure


The Queen of England thousands of years in the future, Elizabeth the Tenth preferred to go by Liz10.


A soldier who was murdered by the weeping Angels. After his death, the Angels spoke through him. The Doctor reffered to him as "Angel Bob."


Donna's grandfather believed in aliens far before Donna did. The Doctor sacrificed his tenth life for Wilfred at the end of "The End of Time Part 2"


Donna's disapproving mother, Sylvia disliked the Doctor from the moment he accidentally cancelled Donna's wedding


Martha's sister, who was employed by Professor Lazarus as part of the Master's plot. She preferred the name Tish.


Amy and Rory's daughter, Melody Pond was concived in the TARDIS and was born with Time-Lord capabilities. She later took the name "River Song."


A girl used as an avatar to house the TARDIS's soul. Called "The Doctor's Wife," Idris knows the Doctor better than anyone else. To restore power to the box, Idris had to die, but she lives on as the soul of the TARDIS. She takes the Doctor wherever he needs to go.


A grumpy old man. The Doctor rewrote his past to make him good.


A member of the Torchwood team. Apeared in Doctor Who only once, along with Jack and Gwen.


Agatha Christie appeared in a Doctor Who episode, "The Unicorn and the Wasp."


Amelia Pond's preferred name


Charles Dickens appeared in one Doctor Who episode, "The Unquiet Dead."


The Doctor's nickname for Amy and Rory. Disliking Amelia's nickname, Amy, he decided to call her by her last name, Pond. After Amy and Rory got married, the Doctor continuously called Rory "Mr. Pond," much to Rory's annoyance.


A seer in Pompeii who began to turn to stone.

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