Many people ask me about the “current trends” for baby girl names. Well one that has been riding the wave lately is flower names for girls. Here are the top most popular flower names trending on and my take on them…

  1. Violet FlowerViolet/Viola – (VY-oh-let/vy-OH-lah,vee-OH-lah) Violet seemed to have started the whole flower name trend, and it’s always been one of my favorites! Of course, it always reminds me of Willy Wonka’s Violet Beauregard (“You’re turning violet, Violet!”), who ate a blueberry and then turned into one. Nicknames could include Vi or Lettie. Viola (the official scientific name for the violet flower) is a great alternative to the more popular Violet, made popular by the Award-Winning namesake actress Viola Davis. Violet is also the name of a shade of pink/purple color associated with the flower.
  2. Lily/Lilly (LIL-ee) The name Lily is one of those “Little Black Dress” names: it’s a classic and never seems to go out of style! All the way back to classic movies, people have been naming their little girls Lily after Lillian Gish. But more recently we have musician Lily Allen, comedian Lily Tomlin, and character Lily Luna Potter from the Harry Potter series. One drawback to the name Lily might be its identification with the phrase “Lily White” meaning pure or a goodie-two-shoes.
  3. Iris – (IY-riss) Although there’s not really a great nickname for Iris, it’s short and sweet enough to stand on its own. Irises come in many colors and are hearty flowers. Famous Irises include writer Iris Murdoch Novelist, singer/songwriter Iris DeMent, and author Iris Johansen.
  4. Rose FlowerRose – (Rōz) Another classic name, which had a resurgence in popularity due to the 1997 film Titanic. Rose and its many variations (Rosa, Rosalie, Rosalyn, etc.) are staying steady on the charts and expected to stay for another couple of years. Popular nickname: Rosie. Rose is also a color name, usually indicating a light pink.
  5. Daisy FlowerDaisy – (DAY-zee) Daisy is a fun and cute-sy name for a child, but can it grow into an adult name? The daisy is a beautiful, friendly flower perfect for a spring centerpiece. It can be associated with the character Daisy Duke (and the short shorts of the same name) from the TV show The Dukes of Hazard, actress Daisy Fuentes, and fashion model Daisy Rowe.
  6. Magnolia FlowerMagnolia – (mag-NOH-lee-uh) Magnolia is a beautiful name and not only fits into the flower category, but also the trend for girls’ names, ending in -a. You can also use the nickname “Maggie,” which is common for Margaret but works for Magnolia, as well. You could also call her Nolie. Steel Magnolias is a beloved movie from the 1980s.
  7. Marigold FlowerMarigold – (MARE-ih-gold) A marigold is a common yellow/gold flower which has jumped onto the baby names charts lately. Nicknames could include Mari, Mary, or Goldie. The name Marigold is derived from the phrase “Mary’s gold,” referring to the Virgin Mary.
  8. Poppy FlowerPoppy – (PAH-pee) American actress Poppy Montgomery helped popularize this baby name in the past five years. Poppy is another one of those “cute” names like Daisy. It is homophonous with the Spanish term of endearment “Papi,” which means papa or currently used to refer to a male friend. In Canada, the poppy flower is used to honor those who died in the military.
  9. Dahlia FlowerDahlia – (DAH-lee-uh) The name Dahlia is beautiful and flows off the tongue. However it does tend to be associated with the Los Angeles murder of actress Elizabeth Short, whom was dubbed “The Black Dahlia.” The dahlia flower comes in a variety of colors and shapes, native to Mexico.
  10. Azalea – (uh-ZAY-lee-uh) Australian rapper Iggy Azalea (nee Amethyst Amelia Kelly) helped propel the name Azalea onto the charts. It’s a beautiful name, starting and ending with A, a great alternative to the more trendy Amelia or Aria. The azalea flower is in the Rhododendron family and usually pink in color.

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